Pak vs SA T20 world cup 2022: Muhmmad Haris Replaces Fakhar Zaman

Muhammad Haris is the name everyone is cheering for, after his immense performance against South Africa today. Fakhar zaman got a knee injury and they replaced Fakhar zaman with Muhammad Haris. He justified his position today that I am the guy who is needed when one player is down and it’s already a power play session, the team needs to keep hitting with the same pace then Pakistan should send him at that number. Before digging deep into today’s match let’s start with where his career started. He played various matches of domestic cricket, PSL, and a few in the Pakistan international team.

PSL Career

Haris Ali played many domestic matches but he got recognition when he joined Peshwar zalmi in PSL and that is where the spark started. He played very well after getting into Peshwar zalmi , gave back-to-back good performances and he made his name appraised in the cricket world. Today in Pak vs SA again he proved himself. Below are some of the highlights of Haris Ali in PSL

Todays Match Summary

Even though Pakistan is on verge of losing this world cup but still there is hope, if we get lucky and Zimbabwe places good scores on the board and wins against India or if South Africa losses against the Netherlands then it will be like a rainbow after the storm. Despite all of these facts that are going into fans mind what a phenomenal game Pakistan played today. Everyone is praising the classic innings of Pakistan against South Africa. Talking about today’s victory we can’t forget the elephant in the room. yes, I am talking about M.Haris who exactly uplifted the spirit of the Pakistani team where it was needed.

In recent matches, everyone criticized the way Pakistani cricket team tackled the powerplay sessions. The strike rate of both openers was being questioned during the power play while on the other hand players in the power play have the opportunity to hit boundaries and chances of getting out are lesser because only two fielders are outside the 30-yard circle.

Rizwan returned to the pavilion early today and that is when this gem came. The second ball struck right on the helmet of M.Haris and most people at that moment might have thought that Bowler has been successful in breaking confidence of the Muhammad Haris but right on the next ball, He picked up of classic shot for six answering the bowler with his bat.

Shoaib Malik’s Point of View

Shoaib malik today talked about this particular moment that most people think that batsman gets afraid after the ball hits the helmet but that is not true for all batsman some of the batsmen take it totally opposite and hit you back more aggressively on the very next ball and that is what M.Haris proved by his action. He smashed 2 sixes and one 4 in a Row.

Even though he was able to put in a total of 28 on 11 balls but he did his part of playing Fast cricket at least in the power play and that gave the team further momentum to carry on the match with the same spirit as we saw latter Shadab and Iftikhar both did their half-century and placed the total Run of 185. Later on due to the rain delay 142 score target was given to South Africa they had to chase in 14 overs but in the end, they could not and Pakistan won by 33 Runs.

Is Muhammad Haris next suryakumar yadav?

Many of the pages posted if this guy is the next Surya Kumar Yadav for Pakistan but I believe that this player has his own unique Class and the amount of bravery and confidence he brings into the ground lets his bat Roar. Many Indian cricketers including Sehwag praised this guy over his performance today. Cricket experts talked about why didn’t Pakistan bring this guy earlier when the WorldCup just started. what was the selection committee doing while such a talent sits outside at this important event?

We are really hoping to see the Pakistan in semifinals and see this guy perform on that big day.

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