Basic Badminton Rules on how to play badminton

If the rules of badminton are not clear, it will be big trouble for golfers who pursue competition. So, what are the rules of badminton?

Badminton rules (singles, doubles, scoring rules)
If the rules of badminton are not clear, it will be big trouble for golfers who pursue competition. So, what are the rules of badminton?

Badminton Rules – Definition

1. Athlete: A person who participates in a badminton game
2. A game: one or two athletes from each side is the most basic unit to decide the outcome
3. Singles: A game played by one player from each side
4. Doubles: A match between two players from each side
5. Serving side: The side with the right to serve
6. Receiving party: the opponent who serves
Badminton Rules

Singles badminton rules

The first service is always on the right side of the court
when your score is even you serve on the right side
when your score is odd you serve from the left side
In singles playing area does not include the alley. If the shuttle goes to that area that is automatically considered out
All the serves are done diagonally.
If the shuttle hits the net while doing service but lands in receiving box it will be considered a point.
Follow the server’s score to know where you have to stand on the court.
Both the server and receiver must stay within the box and not step on the line.
while serving you can not lift the floor until after you hit the shuttle.
After the set is finished players switch the side
Singles badminton rules

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Badminton doubles rules

There are three sets and if you win two no need to go to the third one. if the first two ends as a tie then you have to go for 3rd set.
The first serve of the game is done from the right side.
The serve must only enter the designated area.
The serve that hits the net is not a fault as long as it hits the service area.
If the serving side wins the point, the same server serves again from the other service court.
when the score is odd the server serves from the left court.
you can not double-hit the shuttle at any point in the game.
whichever side wins the first set serves first on the second set.
whenever the player reaches the 11 on the 3rd set the players switch sides
No player should touch the net at any point
Badminton doubles rules

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Badminton serve rules

Both feet should be in contact with the floor while serving.
You have to strike the whole shuttle below the fixed height of 1.15 meters.
Service needs to be continues forward moment.

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