Some of the best Arsenal players

Thierry Henry

Scoring his top scorer with 228 goals, Henry seemed to work in a different range for most Premier League players. His tension, touch, and dribbling were a very hot combination for most defenders. He was capable of a variety of different goals and regularly appeared near the top of his club’s assist charts during his eight years at the club. The best works of Arsene Wenger.

Dennis Bergkamp

Dutch driver Bergkamp’s fear of flying means he has missed many of the club’s European trips – he arrived in 1995 from Inter Milan after failing to settle in Italy. After a slow start to his career with Gunner, Bergkamp became irreplaceable in the squad, with highlights including a classy hat-trick against Leicester City on Philbert Street and such a goal against Newcastle that many wondered if he meant it. His trademark goal was a wrinkled effort in the far corner.

Tony Adams

The ‘Captain Fantastic’ was a rare beast indeed, a one-club man who served Arsenal with distinction for the better part of 20 years before retiring in 2002. The central defender was excellent at tackling aerial challenges, a catalyst that the club found it difficult to replace. His goal against Everton in 1998 to help win the league title will be one of his fondest memories

Patrick Vieira

The brave Frenchman didn’t see much action at Milan when Wenger made his first big signing after joining Arsenal in 1996. He made a huge impact, dominating midfield battles and winning twice with Arsenal. Midfield maneuvers with Manchester United’s Roy Keane were legendary. Vieira was a central force in midfield. Like Henry and Adams, former Captain Generals.

Ian Wright

Arsenal’s best striker in the 1990s was the top scorer against Henry. Wright was a supreme hunter, an expert in one-on-one situations, and often wore defenders by a very annoying value. Despite not hitting it off with England and being prone to moments of controversy, Wright was a favorite of his day.

Cesc Fabregas

The Spanish midfielder left Arsenal with a heavy heart for Barcelona in 2011 after establishing himself as one of the most influential midfielders in the Premier League. Perhaps the effect of Fabraga in selecting the pass and entering the area to score goals has only been matched before.

Robert Pierce

Wenger was another outgoing, wanting to avoid physical confrontation but scoring an astonishing number of goals from his position on the left side of midfield between 2000 and 2006. The passing feat, Pierce loved to turn left and shoot. He won the League twice and the FA Cup three times.

David Seaman

He won 75 England caps and nine major tournaments with the Gunners. Behind a solid rearguard, Seaman will go long stretches with little to do but he has shown his class and focus when called upon for a crucial save. Sidehands Seaman pulled out of his best performance ever against Sheffield United in the 2003 FA Cup semi-final.

Liam Brady

A skilled playmaker with a left foot stick, Brady made the gunners check with his vision, skill, and strength. One of his best moments when he played on 40 yards ended with Alan Sunderland’s famous last-minute win against Manchester United in the FA Cup Final. That trophy was the only one Brady claimed in his time at Arsenal.

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