The Badminton Olympic runner-up announced his retirement plan

On November 2, Beijing time, Malaysian badminton player Goh Liuying announced her retirement plan in an interview with local media. She will officially hang up after the end of the Malaysian Badminton Open in January next year.

Goh Liuying said in an interview that next year’s Malaysia Open will be her last tournament. However, Gou Liuying did not reveal who she partnered with in her career farewell battle. Instead, she sold a little bit. You’ll have to wait till the solution is disclosed, but this will unquestionably be my last trip, she remarked. Malaysia. According to the media, Goh Liu Ying and Chen Peng Soon are the most successful mixed doubles players in the Malaysian badminton team so far, and her last match is bound to receive a lot of attention. It has become a trend in recent years to choose the events held in the hometown as the farewell battle. It is also an honor for the players to be able to play the last game in front of the folks.

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33-year-old Wu Liuying, 1.65 meters tall, is a Malaysian badminton women’s doubles player, focusing on mixed doubles. For a long time in her career, Wu Liuying’s mixed doubles partner is Chen Pingshun, and the two have long occupied the first mixed doubles position in badminton in Malaysia. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Goh Liu Ying and Chen Pingshun played the best match of their careers. They passed the first battle and reached the final and finally won a precious silver medal. This is also the best-mixed doubles result in the history of the Malaysian badminton team. . In that Olympic Games, Lee Chong Wei, Goh Liuying/Chen Peng Soon, Goh Wee Seng/Chen Wee Keung won three silver medals, creating a new high in the history of the Malaysian badminton team.

In the past ten years, Wu Liuying has been selected into the ranks of the “Top Ten Goddesses of the World Badminton” voted by fans almost every year. Different from the cute and heroic style of female badminton athletes in the world, Wu Liuying’s light and mature style of dressing has attracted a considerable number of otaku fans. She is also affectionately called “Niangniang” by Chinese fans. In a previous interview with the media, 33-year-old Wu Liuying revealed that she is still single and revealed her plan to open a stadium in China after retiring.

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